Bass to Kuster - Which Budget Do You Support?

Annie Kuster Offers No Solutions

CONCORD (NH) – Liberal activist for Congress Annie Kuster continually refuses to provide voters with new ideas on how to create jobs and get our nation's fiscal house in order. Instead she proposes that we continue with President Obama's failed economic policies that have led to 14,000 more individuals in New Hampshire without jobs, lower incomes, and higher bills over the past 4 years.

In response to the bipartisan endorsement from former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, and former Senator Alan Simpson received by Charlie Bass, Annie Kuster attacked Bass for his efforts to find a bipartisan solution to America’s mounting fiscal troubles. Kuster called the bi-partisan budget plan supported by Bass, based on the Simpson-Bowles Commission recommendations, “pitiful.”

“Annie Kuster’s attack for supporting bold, bipartisan solutions to our nation’s fiscal problems is a pitiful attempt to cover up the fact that she has proposed absolutely no ideas of her own,” said Bass spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne. “She continues to tell voters what she’s opposed to, but refuses to provide any sort of solution. Seven different proposals were voted on this year, Kuster has dismissed two of them already - what about the other five?”

“With our country at the edge of a fiscal cliff, Charlie Bass understands we need real solutions to cut spending and raise revenue through a reformed tax code” continued Tranchemontagne. “Unfortunately, when it comes to ideas for fixing the problem, Annie Kuster has proposed none.”

“Annie Kuster is opposed to the bipartisan budget, but what would she have supported during the budget debate? President Obama proposed a budget that never balances, and that failed to receive a single vote in either the House or the Senate - is Kuster willing to be the only vote? Or does she support Harry Reid and the Senate’s action to not even offer a budget for over three years?“    

“Every New Hampshire family knows how important a budget is for their household. They have a right to know which budget Annie Kuster wants for our nation.” 

Alternatives Budget Offered During Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Debate:

Which One Would Annie Kuster Support?


President Obama’s Budget Proposal (H.Amdt 999 - RC 143)

Contains $1.9 trillion in tax increases on American families and and small businesses

Increases national debt by $6.4 trillion over next 10 years

Congressional Black Caucus Budget  (H.Amdt 1000 - RC 144)

Contains $6 trillion in tax increase on families and small business

$5 trillion in new spending to increase size of government

Congressional Progressive Caucus budget (H.Amdt 1002 - RC 148)

$6.7 trillion tax increases on families and small businesses

$6.8 trillion in new spending

$3.2 trillion added to our national debt

Republican Study Committee Budget (H.Amdt 1003 - RC 149)

$2.3 trillion in spending cuts

Democratic Caucus Budget - (H.Amdt 1004 - RC 150)

$1.8 trillion tax increase on families and small businesses

$4.7 trillion in new spending

$6 trillion added to our national debt

Allows Medicare to go bankrupt