Sullivan’s One Percent Personal Income Tax and Hassan’s Gas Tax Just the Beginning of Democrat Tax Plans

CONCORD, N.H.—Rep. Peter Sullivan of Manchester has done Maggie Hassan’s dirty work by filing a bill to create a one percent personal income tax for New Hampshire, the second known new tax that the Democratic gubernatorial candidate would consider if she’s elected governor following her admission last week that she would “have a discussion” about raising the gas tax.

“Unless Maggie is willing to say today that she would veto Peter Sullivan’s personal income tax bill, voters have to assume that —like a gas tax increase—New Hampshire’s first personal income tax would also be on the table for discussion in a Hassan Administration,” said 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway. “It’s truly a shame that voters will have to keep guessing what Maggie Hassan’s spending, borrowing and taxing plan for New Hampshire will look like, but it’s safe to say that significant tax and fee increases are coming if Hassan gets elected.”

Rep. Sullivan, a Democrat from Manchester’s Ward 3 (Hillsborough 10), filed Legislative Services Request 2013-H-0191-L during the bill-filing period for incumbents that just ended last Wednesday. The bill, which is now scheduled to be introduced for the 2013 Legislative Session once Sullivan takes his seat, establishes a one percent personal income tax for all New Hampshire residents. Just like income taxes created in other states, this one would start small and then build as Democratic politicians find more uses for citizens’ money. Even at one percent, the income tax would destroy the N.H. Advantage.

“Thankfully, voters will have a choice on the ballot this November to pass a constitutional amendment that would ban any new tax on personal income in New Hampshire, so Rep. Sullivan’s bill could be a moot point if voters pass question one,” Hemingway said. “Yet, Democrats like Maggie Hassan are campaigning against question one, so clearly they think an income tax should be part of the discussion. 

“Maggie Hassan needs to come clean and reassure voters that she would veto the one percent personal income tax bill filed by Rep. Sullivan and honor her pledge to reject a broad-based tax for New Hampshire,” Hemingway said. “Her only alternative is to come clean with voters and present her detailed spending and taxation plan for the state. If she were honest with voters and confident that they want what she’s selling, she would announce the new taxes that would be a part of her agenda. I’m confident that a gas tax increase and the personal income tax sponsored by Rep. Sullivan would be just the first of many new taxes on the list.”


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