Political Headlines - October 2, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today:

  • Brown, Warren fire away over voting, work records: In their second debate, Senator Brown vigorously attacked Elizabeth Warren's legal work on behalf of corporations, while she blasted votes he took in lockstep with GOP leadership. Globe politics reporter Michael Levenson covers.


  • In '02, Mitt Romney capitalized on debates: Romney used debates against Democratic challenger Shannon O'Brien to adopt a more criticizing tone and was able to turn the tide in the 2002 race for governor. Globe politics reporter Matt Viser details.



  • More refinement from Brown, Warren: Both US Senate candidates sounded better when they talked about the issues than when they tried to parrot their opposition research. Globe columnist Joanna Weiss reports.


  • A firm grasp of the trivial in Senate race: After watching the second debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, you probably can't get that old Peggy Lee song out of your head. "Is That All There Is?" Globe columnist Kevin Cullen writes.



  • Charges and countercharges in the Senate debateSenator Scott Brown and his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, sparred over issues during Monday night's debate, from bipartisanship and immigration to foreign policy. Globe Metro reporter Stephanie Ebbert details.