GCRC - What is NH Senate Candidate Jeff Woodburn hiding?

Woodburn’s Last Two Filings Missing Donors

Grafton County GOP Chair Bruce Perlo demanded today that Democratic State Senate candidate Jeff Woodburn release the names of his donors to his campaign.

A week after the filing deadline for the September 19th report, neither Woodburn’s September 5th or September 19th campaign finance filing on the Secretary of State’s Website shows who his contributors are, in plain violation of RSA 664:6.

Said Perlo, “The law is clear.  Jeff Woodburn has raised nearly $4500 in the last two reports, and he appears to be flouting the law by refusing to report where he is getting his money.It looks like Jeff Woodburn is intentionally trying to avoid telling the rest of the world who’s funding him.”

Perlo added that this failure to disclose is especially serious given Woodburn’s recent false accusations about Debi Warner’s stance on Northern Pass, which she completely opposes.

“The fact is, Jeff Woodburn has been desperately trying to insinuate that Debi Warner is less than 100% opposed to Northern Pass based on her campaign finance filings, but now it looks like he isn’t even reporting who’s funding him -- for all we know, he’s taking money from out-of-state interests in conflict with our way of life up here in the North Country.Just what is Jeff Woodburn trying to hide?”

RSA 664:6 requires that any campaign spending more than $500 must file a report with the Secretary of State reporting all campaign contributions over $25.