Hassan Stands Up for the Health of NH Residents at NHPR Debate

Ovide Lamontagne Tries to Mislead on Extreme Health Care Ideas that Would Increase Costs, Undermine Care for Families, Women and Seniors

CONCORD – In a debate on health care issues hosted by NHPR’s The Exchange, Democratic candidate for governor Maggie Hassan highlighted her record of working across party lines to stand up for the health of New Hampshire families and seniors, in contrast to Ovide Lamontagne’s extreme proposals for a state takeover of Medicare for seniors and to restrict access to reproductive healthcare for women.

Hassan’s priorities stood in stark contrast to Republican candidate Ovide Lamontagne’s, whose support for dismantling Medicare, allowing insurance companies to eliminate consumer protections, and preventing women from making their own health care decisions would increase health care costs and hurt seniors and middle class families.

“Maggie Hassan has a proven record of bringing Republicans, Democrats and Independents together to stand up against insurance companies and protect access to affordable, quality health care for our citizens,”  said Matt Burgess, Hassan’s campaign manager.  “Maggie would bring the right priorities of reducing costs, expanding access, and improving the quality of health care to Concord, while Ovide Lamontagne’s extreme ideas on health care would increase costs and undermine care for so many.  Ovide’s support for voucherizing Medicare and turning over control of the program to the Tea Party legislature, preventing women from making their own health care decisions, and eliminating common-sense consumer protections shows his priorities are wrong for New Hampshire.”

Lamontagne tried to mislead the public by denying he supports ending Medicare as we know it through Paul Ryan’s plan[i] and ducking his proposal to turn Medicare into a block grant and giving control of the program to the Tea Party controlled legislature,[ii] a proposal that the state Committee on Aging has called “dangerous.”[iii]

On his website, Lamontagne says he would “seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare to deregulate health care.”

He has also supported a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, even in the case of rape and incest, and some forms of birth control and fertility treatments.[iv]  Lamontagne has also promised to de-fund Planned Parenthood, cutting access to preventative care and cancer screenings for thousands of New Hampshire women.[v]  Lamontagne's own recently released health care plan states that New Hampshire’s health care system should be free of many critical consumer protections[vi] that require insurers to provide the services families and individuals need, such as coverage for birth control, mammograms, diabetes treatments and dental care for children.[vii]

As State Senate Majority Leader, Hassan worked with Governor Lynch, Republicans and Democrats to expand access to affordable health care for New Hampshire’s small businesses and residents. She partnered with Republicans and Gov. Lynch to repeal a law that allowed insurance companies to discriminate against sick workers.  She helped pass a law to enable children to remain on their parent’s health insurance until the age of 26, sponsored Connor’s Law which required insurance companies to cover treatment for autism, and passed legislation to make health care costs more affordable for small businesses.  As governor, Hassan would continue working to reduce health care costs, restore devastating cuts the current legislature made to health care, support coverage for women’s health care services like mammograms and birth control, and protect and preserve Medicare for New Hampshire seniors.



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