Heritage - The High Cost of Freedom

Americans recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land. The Founding Fathers thought national defense was so important that they mentioned it in the first line of our Founding document as one of the primary reasons for forming a federal government. Sadly, the Obama administration just released a budget proposal that severely cuts defense spending and makes it the lowest budget priority. The proposal includes $129 million in cuts to U.S. embassy security, construction, and maintenance at a time when many diplomatic missions are under attack.

 The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Richer, Too

Loud liberal voices rant that if the wealthy have more money it must be because they took it from the poor working-class citizen. Heritage expert Rea Hederman teamed up with Heritage constitutional scholar David Azerrad to refute that myth and defend the American Dream. The report finds that income inequality isn’t the most important measure of economic success. When wealthy people create more wealth, they actually help the poor by expanding the economic pie so every person’s piece is larger.  Read the report to learn about the real threats facing the country.

Survey of Hostility Toward Faith 

The free exercise clause of the Constitution protects religious freedom. The Family Research Council and Liberty Institute recently surveyed the legal landscape and discovered an increasing hostility to religion. The resulting product is The Survey of Hostility Toward Religion in America. Heritage augments this study with a Thomas Messner blog post chronicling attacks on the religious freedoms of everybody from the Boy Scouts to Chick-Fil-A to wedding photographers.

Marriage Is the Antidote for Poverty

New Heritage research shows that stable, married families are the best way to reduce child poverty. Children in married families are 82 percent less likely to be poor than are children of single parents,” finds the report. Read the short introductory paper or view the slideshow of statistics to learn more about America’s number one weapon against poverty.

Conservatives Take Back the Environmental Issue

The modern environmental movement presents people with a false choice: Are you for or against the environment? To correct that narrow view Heritage assembled a team of legal, environmental, and policy experts to write a book of environmental policy recommendations based on eight principles rooted in individual liberty, property rights, and free markets known as The American Conservation Ethic. Once you download and read the complete document you’ll never look at environmental issues the same way again. Policy must be driven by the underlying truth that people are the most important natural resource.

Comprehensive Guide to the Constitution Is Accessible Online

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution was previously available only as a hardcover book, but now the content is available online for free. The site provides a clause by clause explanation of the supreme law of the land. Also, Hillsdale College recently placed its textbook, The Constitution: A Reader online for free.

Summer Edition of The Insider Magazine

The latest edition of The Insider is now in circulation and available for download at InsiderOnline.com. The cover story is “Invitation to Fraud: How Neglecting Election Integrity Threatens American Democracy,” by John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky.

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