RGA - Maggie Hassan's 'Discussion' Means Higher Taxes

The Republican Governors Association launched a television ad in New Hampshire today highlighting Maggie Hassan’s support for higher taxes. The new spot can be viewed by visiting www.HassanTaxHikes.com.

“Less than two weeks ago, Maggie Hassan said New Hampshire needs to have ‘a discussion’ about raising taxes – and with Maggie Hassan involved, that promises to be one of the most expensive talks in state history,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf.  “Throughout her political career, Maggie Hassan has believed taxpayers need to be paying more. In 2002, she supported a state income tax, and as state Senate Majority Leader, she voted to increase 33 taxes and fees by a total of $300 million.”

“It’s clear that Maggie Hassan believes in high taxes, and any discussion about taxes with her isn’t about ‘if taxes should be raised’, but is about ‘when and by how much,’” Schrimpf added. “New Hampshire can’t afford to have Maggie Hassan as governor.”

Click HERE to listen to Maggie Hassan’s comments about the need to have a discussion about tax hikes.