Wodburn For NH Senate - North Country Icon Union Leader columnist John Harrigan backs Jeff Woodburn for Senate

LITTLETON – The unofficial voice of rural New Hampshire John Harrigan, the veteran North Country newspaper man and North Country icon, has endorsed Democratic State Senate Candidate Jeff Woodburn.   This is the first time Harrigan has ever publically endorsed a candidate for state office. 
Harrigan, of Colebrook, told WLTN Radio in Littleton that Woodburn’s knowledge of the region and his deep roots make him the best candidate.  “I’ve known Jeff Woodburn for many, many years,” he said, “He has a really keen interest in the North Country and great historical perspective of this region … Woody is the kind of guy who has firm roots in this territory.” 
Harrigan compared Woodburn to long-time Republican Executive Councilor Ray Burton and suggested that Woodburn would do “the same kind of job that Ray Burton has done for so many years.”
He continued, “I really don’t care which party a person is from; it’s what kind of job I think that person will do.”
Harrigan, who was honored by Plymouth State University as a 1999 Robert Frost Contemporary American Award-winner, is an award-winning journalist. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.  For nearly 40-years, Harrigan has written an outdoor column for the Union Leader. In 1996, he broke his long-held tradition of not endorsing candidates and supported Republican Presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander.
Woodburn, himself a writer and former journalist, welcomed Harrigan's support. "John Harrigan is a North Country treasure, a long-time friend and mentor."