ALG's Daily Grind - Time to break up the banks?

Oct. 19, 2012

Time to break up the banks?

Dallas Fed head Richard Fisher: "[S]ustaining too-big-to-fail-ism and maintaining the cocoon of protection of systemically important financial institutions is counterproductive, expensive and socially questionable."

Cartoon: Lie often and loud

Candy Crowley shows Obama the path to victory.

Why hasn't the Fed's quantitative easing led to high inflation?

In the past five years, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) minus food and energy has only increased by an average annual rate of 0.96 percent, even though the Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet by roughly $1.9 trillion since the crisis started at an annual rate of $469.7 billion.

Winners and losers energy policies

President Obama is waging war on fossil fuels, job creation, and efforts to end our economic recession and reduce dependence on Middle Eastern and Russian oil.