CEI Today: Growing doubt on climate change, Dodd-Frank, and the true cost of the GM bailout



PBS Frontline, Tuesday, October 23: "Climate of Doubt"

"Four years ago, climate change was a hot issue and politicians from both sides seemed poised to act. Today public opinion on the climate issue has cooled considerably. Politicians either ignore it or proclaim their skepticism. What’s behind this massive reversal? On Oct 23, FRONTLINE goes inside the organizations that fought the scientific establishment to shift the direction of the climate debate."


CEI's Myron Ebell explains why questionable science and the war on affordable energy have made more Americans doubt global warming alarmism.


> Interview Myron Ebell


National Review: More Democrats Diss Dodd-Frank


‘For some reason, some Republicans in Congress are still waging an all-out battle to delay, defund, and dismantle these commonsense new rules.” That was, in a recent weekly address, President Obama’s all-or-nothing defense of the 2,600-page Dodd-Frank financial-“reform” law rammed through Congress in 2010, just after Obamacare. Yet almost by the day, even members of the president’s own party are coming to realize Dodd-Frank is actually too tough on smaller financial institutions while institutionalizing too-big-to-fail protections for large ones.  > Read the analysis at Nationalreview.com


> Interview John Berlau


> Read about CEI's pending lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Dodd-Frank at CEI.org/doddfrank



Openmarket.org: The True Cost Of The Auto Bailout


In the end, yes, the auto bailout saved some jobs. But let’s be more specific — it was really a jobs program for Obama’s union buddies. And as much as candidates of both parties use the bailout as political football, it also is ultimately a jobs program for politicians.

Which just goes to prove not all jobs are created equal, and not all jobs are worth saving. > Read more at Openmarket.org

> Interview Matt
Patterson or Crissy Brown



The Liberal War on Transparency

Christopher Horner joins Andrew Wilkow to talk about liberal transparency and the Obama administration and his book on the topic "The Liberal War on Transparency"

> View the Wilkow interview on YouTube

In the book, Horner reveals:


* Scandalous examples of activist government employee tricks to hide their activities.

* How the Obama administration, which leaks sensitive information for political gain (while aggressively prosecuting whistleblowers), deliberately politicized the FOIA process to stonewall legitimate requests for public information.

* What the Democrats tried to hide about their crony deals with big business, Solyndra, various liberal initiatives, and UN schemes.

* How American colleges and universities bow to radical liberal faculties to hide public records.

* How to fight these tactics and make your own FOIA requests to get the information you need—even when the government tries to stop you.




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