CEI Weekly: Government Should Stop Trying to Restrict Speech

Friday, October 19, 2012



Feature: Hans Bader discusses attempts to restrict speech.

FEATURE: Government Should Stop Trying to Restrict Speech


The Obama administration is backing a UN resolution to restrict anti-religious speech. In a Washington Post letter to the editor, CEI Senior Counsel Hans Bader argues that the First Amendment protects speech that discriminates--and that the federal government should stop limiting such speech.  Read his letter here.




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October 18, 2012: The Limits of Free Speech


Free speech is a core value in any free society. But what are its limits? Senior Attorney Hans Baderdiscusses a UN resolution to ban anti-religious speech and a court case involving a professor who sent anti-immigration emails. The best remedy for hateful speech, he argues, is not to silence it with laws and courts. It is to rebut it with speech of one’s own.