ICYMI: Lamontagne Endorsed by Former Asst. Democratic House Leader

Manchester, NH – A thirty year registered Democrat and former assistant Democratic leader in the New Hampshire House, Rep. Rick Newman today endorsed Ovide Lamontagne for Governor in a letter to the Concord Monitor.
Newman cites Lamontagne's commitment to “put jobs first” and his dedication “to avoid job-killing taxes” as reasons for his endorsement.
Newman, also recalls Maggie Hassan’s early morning creation of the LLC tax, the campground tax, and the gambling winnings tax, noting that Hassan “was a member of the committee that imposed those 2009 taxes.”
You can read the full text of Newman’s letter below:
A Democrat for Lamontagne
Rick Newman, Nottingham
October 19, 2012
I have been a registered Democrat since I started voting in 1977. I served eight years in the House as a Democrat, one of them as assistant Democratic leader. This year I am voting for Ovide Lamontagne for governor. I do not agree with him on every issue, but I do agree that the last thing New Hampshire needs is new taxes on businesses or individuals.
In 2009, at 1 a.m., my fellow Democrats put a number of tax and fee increases in the state operating budget. The campground tax, the tax on all small businesses organized as LLCs, the gambling winnings tax and the rest all had a negative impact on the people who were hit by them. I saw firsthand the pain these taxes had when 30 people at the old dog track in Belmont lost their jobs as a direct result of the gambling winnings tax.
We need a governor who will put jobs first.
I like Democratic candidate Maggie Hassan, and I did not decide to support Lamontagne because of anything personal about her. The bottom line: She was a member of the committee that imposed those 2009 taxes. She probably felt she had no choice, but nonetheless when things got tough she was willing to go down that road.
Lamontagne will not go down that road. He will do whatever it takes to avoid job-killing taxes.