Josiah Bartlett Center - The Income Tax Question, MMIS Contract Extention, and the True Unemployment Rate

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Surprising all political observers, November’s up-or-down vote on an income tax is neck-and-neck. This is a rare opportunity for voters to express an opinion on one issue alone without having to agree with the person advocating the issue on everything else. The results of the income tax vote overall and in specific districts will influence many politicians for years to come.... Click here to keep reading.


Contract 5 Years Overdue Seeks Another Extension

MMIS Saga Continues

Five years after missing its original two-year deadline, a state contractor is seeking another extension for a software program to track New Hampshire’s Medicaid program. HHS Commissioner Nick Toumpas is bringing a request to the Executive Council to extend the current contract with Hewlett-Packard for another five months in order to give Xerox more time to finish the state’s new Medicaid Management Information System... Click here to keep reading


JBC Report

Medicaid Delay

Grant Bosse talks to Jack Heath about how a two-year contract to update New Hampshire’s Medicaid system has turned into a seven-year saga. Click here to keep reading.

What is the Real Unemployment Rate?

Offical Rate Under-Represents True Nature of Unemployment

While it seems highly unlikely that the Bureau of Labor and Statics is deliberately ‘cooking the books’, there is something to be said about the under representation of the true state of unemployment. This is not to say that the Bureau is doing this on purpose, but rather it is a symptom of the sluggish recovery that is not captured in the data. Click here to keep reading.