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If there is one Democratic event you don't want to miss, it is the 2012 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner a week from today, Friday, October 26!
This morning I was thrilled to announce that in a week's time we will be honoring Harold Janeway, Bev Hollingworth, Paul Robitaille and Jennifer Frizzell for their years of work and service to Democratic causes. 
Like all of us, these New Hampshire leaders are spending the next 18 days working to re-elect President Obama, make Maggie Hassan our Governor, send Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster to Congress, and return Democratic majorities to the State House, State Senate, and Executive Council. 


Wherever I go across the Granite State, I see how excited and fired up our organizers and volunteers are about getting out the vote for out candidates from President to State Rep.  Now is when we need your help more than ever to knock on doors, make phone calls and give all that you can to help Democrats carry the day on November 6.



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Write a Letter-To-The-Editor  
Looking for something you can do during your lunch break, after work or right now that will help Democrats win up and down the ticket on November 6?
Write a Letter-to-the-Editor
Write up a letter explaining why you support Maggie, Carol, Annie and the whole Democratic ticket and send it to your local newspaper.
You are already talking about the reasons you support Democrats and our plans to move New Hampshire forward anyway - whether with your neighbors, co-workers or the person next to you in line at the grocery store.  
Now is the time to spread the word even further.

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You can help us spread the word without leaving your house. We're working every day to find new and creative ways to spread the message about the Republicans. "Like" Maggie Hassan and the NH Democratic Party on Facebook and then make sure you share our videos and news stories. It's a great way to reach your friends, neighbors and co-workers. 


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2012 Jefferson Jackson Celebration  
Executive Court Banquet Facility  
10/26/2012 at 6:00 PM  
1199 South Mammoth Road  
RSVP and buy tickets HERE



Sunday,  October 21


Milton Candidates Forum
Milton Town Hall
424 White Mtn Hwy


Carol Croteau New England Patriots vs. New York Jets
7 Red Gate Dr.

Monday, October 22

Tamworth Candidates Forum
Brett School


Presidential Debate


Wednesday, October 24


Amherst Democrats Potluck
Unitarian Church at 20 Elm St.


Candidate's Night (Wilton) 
Wilton Town Hall Meeting Room 


NH Senate District 5 Candidate Forum
Kilton Library
West Lebanon


Thursday, October 25


Granny D Night 
Steele Hill Resort


Friday, October 26


JJ Celebration 
Executive Court
1099 South Mammoth Road


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You can find all events here.

Statewide Offices

Democrats across the state are firing on all cylinders - organizing to win in November and bring about commonsense solutions for the middle class.

Look for a local office in your neck of the woods: 

149 Pleasant Street
Claremont, NH


105 North State St.

2nd Floor
Concord, NH

Staff Contact: Samantha Dakoulas (


660 Central Ave.
Dover, NH

Staff Contact: Sara Moe (


294 West St.
Keene, NH

Staff Contact: Leah Kirk (


228 Maple St. Fl 3
Manchester, NH

Staff Contact: Kate Malloy (


97 Main St.
Nashua, NH

Staff Contact: Alysha Tierney (


125 Brewery Ln.
Portsmouth, NH

Staff Contact: Bay Scoggin (


85 Mechanic St.
Lebanon, NH

Staff Contact: Rob Avruch (


6 Main Street
Unit A
Conway, NH

Staff Contact: Rebecca Levin (



134 Front Street
Exeter, NH

Staff Contact: Lucia Savchick (



202 Main Street

Unit G
Salem, NH

Staff Contact: Collin Lever (



571 Main Street

Laconia, NH

Staff Contact: Sarah Austino (


76 Grove Street

Peterborough, NH



612 Tenney Mountain Highway
Plymouth, NH



63 Hanson Street

Rochester, NH


NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley's Statement on the Passing of Former Senator John Durkin


"I was saddened this morning to learn of the passing of Senator John Durkin. Throughout his life, Senator Durkin was a tireless advocate for the men and women of New Hampshire. Senator Durkin was a trailblazing consumer advocate, first as New Hampshire's Insurance Commissioner and then as our U.S. Senator.


"Senator Durkin was well known for his quick wit and willingness to take on anyone who stood in the way of progress and the middle class and provide help for those in need. Senator Durkin's historic election to the senate will forever stand as an example that every vote counts.


"I truly admired Senator Durkin and I was honored to work for him. My thoughts, and the thoughts of all those he served, are with the Senator Durkin's children today. Our greatest condolences to Andrea, John and Sheilagh"

New Web Video: Which Ovide is Which?


The New Hampshire Democratic Party today released a new web video - Which Ovide is Which? - highlighting Ovide Lamontagne's inability to come clean about his positions on important issues like Medicare, abortion and Speaker Bill O'Brien's radical agenda.


Granite State voters deserve a Governor who is going to be honest, no matter what audience he is talking to.


Whether talking about his plan to pull the state out of Medicare, repeal the guarantee of kindergarten for all children, or criminalize abortion, Lamontagne needs to come clean with the voters of New Hampshire and stop trying to hide his extreme agenda.


In a debate sponsored by AARP on October 8, Ovide assured voters that there's nothing a Governor can do about Medicare, but the very next morning on WTSN in Dover he declared "I want more control, at the New Hampshire level, of Medicare funds."


Ovide has at least twice declared his support for Paul Ryan's radical budget plan, calling it a "great plan" at the NH Farm Bureau Picnic in October of last year and saying that he "subscribed" to Ryan's plan at the Seacoast Republican Women's Senatorial debate.


On many occasions, including a radio interview in early October, Lamontagne claimed "social issues are not part of the agenda."  But that wasn't what he told a Lakes Region Tea Party meeting.  He told them "I'm pro-life, I'm pro-traditional marriage .. I want to support things I think are important."


After claiming in an interview that women's health issues were "not why I'm am running", he clearly promised to sign legislation that would limit access to abortion saying "if there is legislation that is passed, I am pro-life - I will support everything I can that makes sense to me." [Audio]


He also told the Hampton-North Hampton Patch that a repeal of marriage equality was not a top issue to him, but that's not what he said when he attended a rally to repeal marriage equality, vowing to "aggressively work" to repeal equality in New Hampshire if elected governor.


Lamontagne has repeatedly said that he would "sign or veto" any bill that came to his desk, but has refused to say if he would sign or veto the radical legislation of this legislature.  Ovide has repeatedly tried to distance himself from the O'Brien legislature, saying "I am running for Governor, not legislature" but he has repeatedly praised the legislature, promising to work with Speaker O'Brien if elected.


Watch the video HERE.



Burns' "No Compromise" Agenda Has No Place On Executive Council



Republican candidate for Executive Council in District 4, Bob Burns, has promised that he will de-fund Planned Parenthood, use a conservative litmus test to review judges, and have a "no compromise" approach if elected.


Burns has repeatedly stated that his allegiance will be with his extreme ideology and not the people of District 4.  When asked what he would be willing to compromise on, Burns responded "I don't think I'll compromise on anything...I'm not going to sell out my ideology."


While Robert Burns says that he won't sell out his ideology, he apparently has no problem selling out the people of District 4 and of New Hampshire


Burns would defund Planned Parenthood, stack the court with only those judges who pass his strict Tea Party litmus test and refuse to ever compromise his Tea Party beliefs, all of which will leave New Hampshire's middle class behind.


"We can't afford more people in Concord who refuse to bring people together to get things done," Buckley said.


Burns supports defunding Planned Parenthood, which would cut off access to cancer screenings, preventative care and contraception to thousands of women across New Hampshire and has promised to stack the New Hampshire court system with only judges who pass his strict conservative litmus test.


The Executive Council is not the place for Burns' blind adherence to ideology, but for rational debate and common-sense compromise that puts the needs to the people ahead of political affiliation of ideological bent.


New Hampshire cannot afford another Tea Party rubber stamper on the Executive Council and that is exactly what Robert Burns will be.


Burns has signed the radical Cornerstone "Families First Pledge" which mandates that candidates advance an extreme agenda including a complete deregulation of New Hampshire's health insurance industry.  Of the 26 agenda items that Burns has pledged to advance, 10 of them are aimed at restricting women's access to abortion.


Burns has also raised serious concerns about his campaign by failing to file a general election campaign finance report with the state that was due Wednesday.  



Rubio, the "First Senator from the Tea Party," Shares Ovide's Extreme Agenda



As Ovide Lamontagne welcomes "the first Senator from the Tea Party" to New Hampshire today, perhaps they will be honest with the people about their plans to dismantle Medicare for seniors.


Sen. Marco Rubio will be campaigning today for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne. Lamontagne, who has proposed that the state pull out of Medicare and run its own version, will share the stage with Rubio, who claims that programs like Medicare and Social Security have "weakened us as a people."


Mitt Romney has written off half of the country who he says refuse to take responsibility for themselves, so it isn't a surprise that Ovide Lamontagne and Senator Rubio write off those who depend on programs like Social Security and Medicare.


Senator Rubio says these programs have 'weakened us as a people.' Does Ovide Lamontagne believe, as his guest does, that seniors who rely on Medicare are weak? Is that why Ovide Lamontagne wants the state to pull out of Medicare?"


Lamontagne has campaigned on a platform that includes opting out of the federal Medicare program in favor of block grants, a plan that could put the New Hampshire legislature in charge of our seniors' health care.  This is a plan that the New Hampshire Committee on Aging called "potentially destructive."


Senator Rubio, the 'First Senator from the Team Party,' should be happy to meet with one of his most passionate constituents: Ovide Lamontagne, who calls himself "the Tea Party favorite.'"


Ovide can fly all of the GOP insiders he wants into New Hampshire, but it will not make Granite State voters forget that he has called a state takeover of Medicare one of his top priorities and thinks that Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare as we know it is 'a great plan.'


While Ovide continues to attract party insiders to New Hampshire from places like New Jersey, Wisconsin and Florida, Maggie Hassan has received the endorsement of both the Manchester and Concord Patrolman's associations, the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, and Governor John Lynch.