NHDP - Burns' "No Compromise" Agenda Has No Place On Executive Council

Tea Party stalwart Burns promises "no compromise" if elected, would use litmus test to appoint conservative judges; defund Planned Parenthood


CONCORD - Republican candidate for Executive Council in District 4, Bob Burns, has promised that he will de-fund Planned Parenthood, use a conservative litmus test to review judges, and have a "no compromise" approach if elected.


Burns has repeatedly stated that his allegiance will be with his extreme ideology and not the people of District 4.  When asked what he would be willing to compromise on, Burns responded "I don't think I'll compromise on anything...I'm not going to sell out my ideology."


"While Robert Burns says that he won't sell out his ideology, he apparently has no problem selling out the people of District 4 and of New Hampshire," said Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Burns would defund Planned Parenthood, stack the court with only those judges who pass his strict Tea Party litmus test and refuse to ever compromise his Tea Party beliefs, all of which will leave New Hampshire's middle class behind.


"We can't afford more people in Concord who refuse to bring people together to get things done," Buckley said.


Burns supports defunding Planned Parenthood, which would cut off access to cancer screenings, preventative care and contraception to thousands of women across New Hampshire and has promised to stack the New Hampshire court system with only judges who pass his strict conservative litmus test.


"The Executive Council is not the place for Burns' blind adherence to ideology, but for rational debate and common-sense compromise that puts the needs to the people ahead of political affiliation of ideological bent," said Buckley.  "New Hampshire cannot afford another Tea Party rubber stamper on the Executive Council and that is exactly what Robert Burns will be."


Burns has signed the radical Cornerstone "Families First Pledge" which mandates that candidates advance an extreme agenda including a complete deregulation of New Hampshire's health insurance industry.  Of the 26 agenda items that Burns has pledged to advance, 10 of them are aimed at restricting women's access to abortion.


Burns has also raised serious concerns about his campaign by failing to file a general election campaign finance report with the state that was due Wednesday.