RNC - PPP Poll Shows Romney Leading in NH

We know New Hampshire is in play with President Obama stopping by yesterday in a state he won by nearly 10 points in 2008, and with the latest PPP poll today showing Gov. Romney leading 49-48. It is noteworthy to point out that their previous polls showed Romney trailing by 6-8 points pre-debate. On the issue of the economy, Gov. Romney is leading by 7 points. What’s clear is that Granite Staters recognize the President has no second term agenda to turn this country around after the policies in his first four years in office haven’t worked.


From Twitter:


@ppppolls: Mitt Romney leads our new New Hampshire poll 49-48. Obama had led by 6-8 pts in our polling before the first debate



@ppppolls: Romney has a 52/45 advantage over Obama in New Hampshire on the economy