ALG's Daily Grind - Who does welfare hurt most?

Oct. 22, 2012

Who does welfare hurt most?

When you have a government that wants its people dependent upon it and can enforce laws and regulations to make that happen American citizens turn into little more than feudal serfs.

Video: Foreign Policy Debate Preview

Will Obama or Romney take up Paul Krugman's call to fend off an alien invasion?

New Hampshire Voter ID and Voter Roll Clean-Up Could Prove Decisive on Election Day

NH Secretary of State William Gardner has purged the voter rolls of 163,221 dead and ineligible voters in August, and in June, Republican-controlled Legislature overrode the veto of Democratic Gov. John Lynch to pass a new voter ID law.

Debt limit shocker: Geithner had no plan to avoid default

Senators Sessions and Hatch in letter to Geithner: "Our understanding is that neither the administration nor the Treasury had any formal contingency plan for dealing with the consequences of the U.S. government defaulting on its obligations.  That is, there was no 'plan B.' "