Political Headlines - October 23, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Laying out 2 visions for US role in final debate: President Obama and Mitt Romney nodded to areas of agreement, but still found plenty of ways to disagree over US foreign policy and approaches in the Middle East. Globe politics reporters Brian MacQuarrie and Matt Viser recap.


  • On big issues, goals are similar, but styles differ: On the most substantive questions, Mitt Romney had trouble explaining what he would do differently from President Obama when it comes to foreign policy. Washington bureau chief Christopher Rowland and politics reporter Bryan Bender detail.


  • Obama gives his strongest debate performanceThe president dissected Mitt Romney's foreign policy views, suggesting he lacked the familiarity, consistency, and forward-looking approach to be an effective president. politics editor Glen Johnson analyzes.



  • A night to woo women votersMitt Romney's pivot to a kinder/gentler candidate bumped up against his record of statements; his performance seemed more passive than pacifist. Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem reports.


  • The humor voteThis election cycle, the most potent political weapon might turn out to be not fear, but a certain brand of subversive online jokes. Globe columnist Joanna Weiss writes.


  • Mitt Romney: Yeah, what he said: It was striking how many times Romney agreed with President Obama's policies on Afghanistan, sanctions on Iran, and the decision not to use the US military in Syria. Globe columnist Farah Stockman explains.