CEI Today: Politifact smears Supreme Court, the climate of doubt on global warming, and the tyranny of Dodd-Frank



PBS Frontline, Tonight: "Climate of Doubt"

CEI’s Myron Ebell, one of America’s best-known climate science skeptics, will be on TV Tuesday night (Oct. 23) at 10 p.m. Eastern in a PBS Frontline documentary entitled, “Climate of Doubt.” The program explores how climate science became a front-page issue in the 2008 election cycle but has disappeared since as Americans in increasing numbers have begun to doubt the urgency or even existence of the problem. Frontline “goes inside the organizations that fought the scientific establishment to shift the direction of the climate debate.” The program can be viewed online after it is broadcast.


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Openmarket.org: PolitiFact Smears Supreme Court, Provides False Political Talking Point For Democratic Party


Earlier, the left-leaning “fact-checker” PolitiFact made the false claim the Supreme Court had declared employees are barred from suing over pay discrimination even if they did not learn of the discrimination in time to sue, “making it impossible for employees who learned of such discrimination later to get relief, such as back pay.” PolitiFact has failed to fix the false claim, even after being informed its claim was false by a leading law professor, Jonathan Adler, who both contacted PolitiFact last week to inform it of its false claim.

This is part of a pattern of egregiously false claims and ideological bias by PolitiFact. 
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Forbes: Dodd-Frank Is The Very Definition Of Tyranny


In June, State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas, along with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the 60 Plus Association, filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Dodd-Frank. The suit asserts that the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are inconsistent with the constitution’s separation of powers.

A premise of the constitutional challenge is that an unchecked and uncertain regulatory structure violates the constitution; agencies can’t regulate without meaningful oversight. The left naively thinks that unchecked bureaucratic experts can free agencies from the influence of special interest groups, including big banks.
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The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to announce a new ambitious film project: an animated adaptation of I, Pencil by Leonard Read.

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