Guinta For Congress - Higher Gas Prices: A Shea-Porter policy that would crush the middle-class


(Manchester – October 22, 2012) Former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter likes to claim she is focused on the middle-class. However, her voting record and the policies she supports would further crush middle-class Granite Staters who are already struggling to make ends meat.

Throughout this week, Team Guinta will highlight the negative affect Carol Shea-Porter would have on middle-class Granite Staters. Today’s highlight is increased gas prices and higher energy costs.

Gas prices are on the rise with the New Hampshire average just under $4.00 a gallon. However, Granite Staters would be hard-pressed to learn what former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter would do to lower costs. Despite the fact that Shea-Porter tries to claim she supports an all of the above approach to energy production, her voting doesn’t support this claim.

For just a glimpse of what Carol Shea-Porter believes with regards to energy, one only has to look to her record. She voted in support of a cap and trade scheme, also known as a national energy tax. She has also been a strong opponent of both on-shore and off-shore domestic oil exploration and has been vocally opposed to the energy and job creating Keystone XL Pipeline.

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Guinta for Congress released the following statement:

“Carol Shea-Porter’s policies of more Solyndras and less domestic exploration would only make gas prices increase for middle-class Granite Staters.

“New Hampshire’s middle-class is already paying too much at the pump because of the failed energy policies of Carol Shea-Porter’s Congress. Despite the fact hard-working Americans are taking more out of their pocketbooks to put into their gas tanks, the former Congresswoman would rather embrace the extreme policies from the most liberal wing of her party and watch the middle-class lose more of their paychecks each week.”