NHDP - New Video - Guinta: People without Health Insurance Shouldn't Even be Able to Go to the Emergency Room

CONCORD  - The New Hampshire Democratic Party today released a new web video highlighting Frank Guinta's radical positions on health care, including his recent statement that people without health insurance shouldn't even be able to go to the emergency room; that future generations "should not know what Social Security is," his 31 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act and his opposition to the bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. 
"Frank Guinta has been in lock-step with this Tea Party Congress since arriving in Washington," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Now, New Hampshire voters are asking 'what does Frank have against my health care?'  
Frank has voted to repeal health care reform 31 times, which would cause women to pay more for health care, raise costs on Seniors receiving Medicare and deny coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.
Watch the new video HERE.