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Chris Sununu Calls GOP Support for Noted Judge, Domestic Violence Advocate "Very Disappointing"


CONCORD - Responding to criticism of domestic violence and Judge Susan Carbon, Chris Sununu said it was "very disappointing" that prominent Republicans supported Carbon's re-appointment to the bench.


Sununu wrote, "I think in the end the difference was the incredible number of calls each of the Councilors received from strong Republicans across the state pushing for Carbon's appointment. Sen. Ayotte, Gov. Merrill, many Sherriffs, Legislators, etc. all came out for her in the final days and got Burton and St.Hilaire to vote 'Yes'.  Very disappointing."


"What is 'very disappointing' is that Chris Sununu did not have the courage to stand up for a respected jurist and domestic violence advocate," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


Carbon served as a New Hampshire District Court judge for a number of years before leaving to head the U.S. Department of Justice's Office for Violence Against Women. When she returned to New Hampshire, the bipartisan Judicial Selection Commission recommended she be re-appointed to the bench. Her re-appointment was supported by prominent Republicans, but opposed by some groups that rail against domestic violence laws and custody cases.


Sununu's comment was posted on a list serve, along with an email that had been sent to councilors, saying, "Ms. Carbon is a well known gender radical, who has advocated solely for the protection of women against violence."

"Chris Sununu should be standing with good judges - and with advocates for domestic abuse victims - not calling Republican support for them 'very disappointing,'" Buckley said. "Chris Sununu owes the people of his district an explanation."






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To: Chris T. Sununu
Subject: RE: Very Disappointing


Thanks Chris for the call back and your efforts.  The people will just have to work with the redress of grievance committee to build a case against Carbon if she again abuses her discretion and authority.


I have no doubt that we will eventually bring judicial accountability back to NH and will impeach a few judges before the group is convinced of the change.




Best, Jeff



Hon. Jeffrey D. Oligny

NH State Representative

Hampstead - Plaistow - Kingston

House of Representatives

Children & Family Law Committee


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From: Oligny, Jeffrey
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To: Chris T. Sununu
Subject: Very Disappointing

Chris, What happened?




We couldnt have waited till a more reasonable governor made some more reasonable reccomendations  Carbon too?!?!


Best, Jeff



Hon. Jeffrey D. Oligny

NH State Representative

Hampstead - Plaistow - Kingston

House of Representatives

Children & Family Law Committee




From: Chris T. Sununu
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To: Oligny, Jeffrey
Subject: RE: Very Disappointing

I think in the end the difference was the incredible number of calls each of the Councilors received from strong Republicans across the state pushing for Carbon's appointment. Sen. Ayotte, Gov. Merrill, many Sherriff's, Legislators, etc. all came out for her in the final days and got Burton and St.Hilaire to vote 'Yes'.  Very disappointing.



Christopher T. Sununu

New Hampshire Executive Council  -  District 3



From: David Vandenberg
To: National Fathers <ncfcnh@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 11:50 PM
Subject: "NCFC-NH" Letter



Dear Executive Councilors:


I am writing to express my serious concerns about Governor Lynch's recent judicial nominees, in particular, Susan Carbon and Jennifer Lemire.  The recently founded petitions of the General Court's Committee for Redress of Grievances has highlighted the troubled records of many judges.  The Monitor reports that these petitions were founded along party lines.  This is incorrect.  While the Democrats vote against every petition, the Republicans voted down those petitions that were not supported by documents or other evidence.  In other words, the Republicans exercised their judgment, while the Democrats exercised their demagoguery.  Of particular note was Democrat Representative Keans, who upon information and belief was the subject of one petition.  Rather than properly recusing herself, she persisted on the committee and voted against the petitioner, which was not surprising, as she voted against every single petition.  


The petitions have brought into the light of day the numerous abuses of citizens at the hands of state agencies and state judges, including Ms. Lemire, whom the committee recommended be "fully investigated . . . to determine the extent of wrongdoings including noncompliance with the laws of New Hampshire."  And what were the founded wrongdoings of Ms. Lemire?  She issued confiscatory orders that led to the petitioner's serious financial damage; she refused to consider the petitioner's inability to pay court-ordered fees; she failed to comply with the law relative to modification of parenting time and child support; and she abused her judicial discretion.


A second nominee is Susan Carbon, who has served most recently as Director of Obama's Office of Violence Against Women.  Ms. Carbon is a well known gender radical, who has advocated solely for the protection of women against violence.  Of course, no one is against that.  The problem is that more domestic violence is inflicted by women against men.  Even Ms. Carbon admits this.  On February 16, in her opening statement to the US House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security she stated:  "One in every four women and one in every seven men have experienced severephysical violence by a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend."  That's right.  Almost twice as many men are victims of domestic violence, yet all the programs of the Violence Against Women Act are directed to protect women, of course.  Look at the title of the act.  How can the citizens of New Hampshire have confidence in the objectivity of an administrator whose stated goal is to protect the victims of domestic violence, yet blithely ignores fully 2/3 of the victims because they carry the incorrect genitalia?  We can only expect that Ms. Carbon will extend her gender radicalism and blindness for the majority of the victims of domestic violence that she professes to be concerned for as a family court judge.  What are the many fathers of New Hampshire to do, when they come before a Judge Carbon and ask for protection for themselves and their little ones when in her current role she cares not one whit for these parents or their children, but only for the interests of an interest group based upon an accident of birth, being female.


Is this the best and the brightest that Gov. Lynch can find across this state?  Do we really want to put these foxes in charge of the henhouse?  With nominations like this, we can expect that future generations will place Governor Lynch's official portrait in a dark corner of the statehouse, most likely in a stall in the ladies' room, where he can be appropriately worshiped.



Aug 9, 2012
NH Executive Councilman 
Dan St.Hilaire
District 2


I spoke with you at the Cheshire County Republican Committee nearly two years ago and we discussed the ongoing concerns in the Family Courts. As I recall, you concurred with my identified issues. You earned my vote. A responsibility of the NH Executive Council is to approve the nomination of Judges made by the Governor. Six new Judges have been recently nominated by Governor Lynch. I urge you to give careful consideration to your approval and even exercise caution with some of the nominees.

There are many fit parents (no finding of abuse or neglect) that are NH citizens and have had very negative experiences within the Family Courts. SGT Thomas Ball is the only self immolation in the USA and did this politically driven act on the steps of a Cheshire County Court House as the result of ongoing issues encountered in Family Court. The 15 page Last Statement written by SGT Ball outline and provide examples of concerns with Judges and Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA). The NH House Redress of Grievance Committee as heard from many petitioners that also had very negative experiences in Family Courts. Judges and Martial Masters have been founded by the committee for allowing perjury, violating an individual's expression of religious freedoms and ultimately, preventing fit parents from retaining a meaningful parent child relationship.

It may be beneficial to review the custody decisions of Martial Master JENNIFER A. LEMIRE. Have her recommendations to the supervising Judge in contested divorces been gender equal when both parents are litigating to be an active part of the child's life? If not equal, what is the basis?

Are you aware that SUSAN B. CARBON is the Obama Administration head of VAWA working under Eric Holder in the Federal D of J? That experience appears to have excessive influence over State Court decisions, especially when the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse is funded in part by grants from VAWA and is a very active and influential lobbyist for the Courts and Guardian ad Litems. This gives the appearance of a Conflict of Interest that the EC may need to consider when approving this nominee. SGT Thomas Ball may have been writing about her or the result of her actions in his Last Statement that discussed VAWA personnel. http://www.stopfamilyviolence.org/news/judge-susan-carbon-picked-to-head-office-on-violence-against-women

Julie Introcaso is the Deputy Clerk in Rockingham. Redress petitioner #5 presented very disturbing concerns with the Martial Master, Judge and staff in that Court. Does Ms. Introcaso have the credential to be promoted from Deputy Clerk to a Judge in this very contested Court? Additionally, she serves as counsel to the Supreme Court's Attorney Discipline Office. From the results of Redress petitioner #14, the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC) ignored a citizen's complaint against a MM and Judge where as the Redress Committee made a finding against both the MM and Judge. Do attorneys, that also belong to the NH BAR, get relief for the Attorney Discipline Office in the same manor as MM and Judges get relief from the JCC?

I trust your background investigation provides assurance that the Judges nominated by the Governor and approved by the EC will not face that same Redress of Grievance Committee that several of the current Judges have. As a fellow Republican, I trust that you appreciate the party platform including "Advocate a presumption in favor of joint custody and favor equitable treatment of both parents in child custody and child support determinations" along with "Will work to ensure due process rights of those accused of child abuse or neglect". Your decision on these nominations should be constant with supporting your parties expectations. 

Thank-You for considering my input in your decision making process.

Greg Brede
Chesterfield, NH
Cheshire County

Exec Councilman R. Burton District 1
Exec Councilman C. Sununa District 3
Exec Councilman R. Wieczorek District 4
Exec Councilman D. Wheeler District 5


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Subject: "NCFC-NH" Appointments



Dear Executive Council Members,


Governor John Lynch has sent, or will send, you a list of appointees for positions within the Judiciary.  As you know, John Lynch is, and has been, a typical Liberal/Progressive. His administrative policies have been to spend, spend, spend, and to choose appointees whose Socialistic ideologies match his own.  We Republicans have been hard pressed to keep his Socialist policies from destroying the economy of the great state of New Hampshire.

Budgetary considerations aside, Lynch has been working with the courts to support a family court system that has made a mockery of the ideals of justice and fair play. Not only does the state receive payments from the federal government for collecting child support, but the child support collection agency (DHHS-CSES) pays the courts for hearing child support cases. All strictly illegal and unconstitutional, but lucrative.

In order to keep the money flowing, one parent has to be made non-custodial, in spite of reams and decades of studies which prove that shared physical custody is better for children, parents, and society as a whole. (National Probate Judges' College)

The marital masters and judges appointed by John Lynch have done their part, and have, in fact, waged a War Against Fathers which has just recently begun to be exposed to public scrutiny by the Legislative Committee on Petitions for Redress.


The Redress Committee has heard a number of cases brought before them by citizens aggrieved by the abuses of the family courts. In each and every case, the marital master or supervising Superior Court judge has been found to have engaged in behaviors which violated state law and/or the Judicial Code of Ethics. Those abuses, proven by hard evidence, were considered so serious as to warrant a recommendation of impeachment. Not just in one case, but several. It it not isolated behavior, but a PATTERN of roguish behaviors that permeates the family court system.


The Supreme court tried to lessen the import of the family court's outrageous behavior by combining it with the district courts to form a new system called "CIRCUIT" courts.  As you know, "a rose by any other name...........


Now, our socialist governor has one last chance to pack the court with liberal/progressive ideologists.  One appointment in particular is egregious in the extreme. Lynch has nominated Susan Carbon, who left New Hampshire one step ahead of being impeached. Now, apparently not even capable of meeting Obama's

lax standards, she is being nominated for a return to the NH bench.


Rather than expose New Hampshire's citizens to more of the progressives' anti-family

abuse, I strongly urge you, the executive council, to deny ALL of Lynch's nominations.

We are sure to have a Republican governor after the next elections. Just wait, and let him/her make the necessary nominations.



Paul M. Clements


Gaffney, SC