Statement from Maggie Hassan on Ovide Lamontagne’s Opposition to Equal Pay Laws

MANCHESTER – Earlier today it was reported that Ovide Lamontagne voiced opposition to laws that require equal pay in the workplace for men and women, stating “I don’t know that it’s appropriate for the government to continue to micromanage the workplace.” Ovide went on to indicate that he was unaware New Hampshire law intended to require pay equity between men and women. [, 10/22/12]

In response to Lamontagne’s comments, Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement:

“Ovide’s comments should concern all hard working Granite Staters who are trying to earn a living to support their family. Pay discrimination is making it harder for families to make ends meet across the State of New Hampshire, with women earning only 65 cents on the dollar compared to men. Ensuring that everyone receives equal pay for an equal day’s work is hardly micromanaging, it’s basic fairness.  And Ovide’s lack of knowledge of New Hampshire’s twelve-year old pay equity law only proves just how out of touch he is with the needs of working men and women.  I strongly support equal pay laws, and as governor, I will work to keep our state moving forward, while it becomes clearer every day just how much Ovide’s radical ideas will hurt families and take New Hampshire backwards.”