ALG's Daily Grind - Obama: 'debt a significant national security concern'

Oct. 24, 2012

Obama admits his debt 'a significant national security concern'

If Obama's own budget proposal were adopted - or even if we change nothing about current baseline spending - the nation will add another $10 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years, rising to $26 trillion. Does that threaten national security?

Cartoon: What happens in Benghazi.

Move over Vegas!

Should the dead vote?  Voter integrity takes center stage

States move to take the voting dead off the rolls.

Video: How Obama's Rudeness At The Debates Hurt His Campaign

The interrupting, display of arrogance and snide remarks by Barack Obama at the debates did a lot to help his opponent out.

Obama's crowd shrinkage

If the Great and Wonderful "O" cannot get young people to come see him in person in a targeted electoral state, it bodes ill for his hopes for another four years of occupancy in the White House.