Political Headlines - October 24, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Winner of popular vote may be denied presidency: The close race between President Obama and Mitt Romney has once again raised the possibility of a candidate losing through the Electoral College result. politics editor Glen Johnson explains.


  • Modeling years gave Scott Brown an early boost: The senator's several year stint as a model not only paid for his law school education, but for a brief time hoisted him to a certain kind of celebrity. Globe reporter Sally Jacobs elaborates.


  • Scott Brown courts Boston's black votersThe senator hopes even a small gain can make a difference in close reelection campaign with Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. Globe politics reporter Michael Levenson details.


  • Mitt Romney calls president barren of ideas: Romney came to the tossup state of Colorado and cast his campaign as an inevitable movement that is sweeping across the country. Globe politics reporter Matt Viser covers.



  • The real McGovernWhile George McGovern's politics were decidedly left of center, his personal values reflected classic heartland conservatism. Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby reports.


  • Romney's hindsight foreign policy: Mitt Romney says he would have done better than President Obama on foreign policy issues already past, although there's no good reason to think so. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh writes.


  •  Presidential debates were amazing TV: These weren't just presidential face-offs between President Obama and Mitt Romney. This was the greatest reality show in the history of television. Globe columnist Brian McGrory explains.