Carol and Team Shea-Porter.

BEDFORD -- This morning, Carol Shea-Porter met one of her campaign teams for the first time. She was greeted by the 10 fifth-graders at McKelvie Middle School who have been assigned to Team Shea-Porter for their class election project.

“It was a joy to see these students in action,” Carol said. “Mrs. Toland’s electoral unit is a wonderful example of the New Hampshire civic tradition. Her project has helped McKelvie students to get informed and excited about politics since 1996.”

Team Shea-Porter brought Carol to the cafeteria, where they introduced her to 150 of their classmates. Other teams for various candidates were also represented.

Carol fielded questions about the economy, education, the environment, and national defense from students who had clearly done their homework. The teams had researched their candidates’ positions on the major issues for weeks, and their hard work showed.

“As Granny D said, ‘Democracy is not something we have, it’s something we do,’” said Carol. “The McKelvie students I met today are exactly the kind of informed, enthusiastic citizens who are going to move this country forward. I can’t wait to see what they do next, and my door will always be open to them—no matter whose team they play for!”