Guinta For Congress - A Failing Record On Jobs: A Shea-Porter policy that would crush the middle-class


(Manchester – October 23, 2012) Former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter likes to claim she is focused on the middle-class. However, her voting record and the policies she supports would further crush middle-class Granite Staters who are already struggling to make ends meat.

Throughout this week, Team Guinta is highlighting the negative affect Carol Shea-Porter would have on middle-class Granite Staters. Today’s highlight is her terrible record on middle-class job creation.

As a result of former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s job-killing policies, the median income for Americans is down $4,300 a family. Policies such as the over $800 billion dollar wasteful stimulus that promised to keep the unemployment rate below 8% failed when the unemployment rate peaked at 10.1% in October of 2009. To this day, it never created the middle-class jobs Carol Shea-Porter said it would. Since then, other than a “comprehensive jobs bill,” which is code for another round of wasteful stimulus, the former Congresswoman has no new solutions of how to put middle-class Granite Staters back to work.

Shea-Porter has voted for and supports a bigger federal government and higher taxes on job creators, which would continue to hurt our struggling economy. As a result, the US Chamber of Commerce gave Carol Shea-Porter a failing “anti-jobs” score, while awarding Frank Guinta a 100% pro-jobs score and their endorsement in the race for Congress in NH-01.

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Guinta for Congress released the following statement:

“Former Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s record on middle-class job creation is all talk and no substance. It is one of wasting taxpayer dollars, borrowing more from China, and not creating the middle-class jobs she promised.

“Carol Shea-Porter’s belief in higher taxes and more government regulations further inhibits our nation’s job creators from putting the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans back to work. These hard-working individuals deserve better than the empty rhetoric of Carol Shea-Porter and her anti-jobs policies that are still crushing the middle-class.”