Lamontagne For Governor - Senate Leaders Question Hassan’s Claims of “Hearing Different Views”

Note Hassan’s extreme partisan voting record and lack of public hearing on key legislation

Manchester, NH – At an Energy forum Monday, Sen. Hassan attempted to hide her record as a partisan politician telling the crowd in attendance, “One of the things I really worked on in the State Senate was making sure that when we develop policy; everybody comes to the table to do it. … I’ve always found it really important that I can hear different views at the debate in front of me because that informs really good policy making."

Today, Senate President Peter Bragdon and Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, both of whom served with Sen. Hassan, responded to those comments, recalling Senator Hassan’s record as significantly different from Candidate Hassan’s rhetoric.

"Sen. Hassan voted with the Democrats in the Senate over 98% of the time between 2007 and 2010,” said Senate President Peter Bragdon.  "On partisan issues, where the majority of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate split on an issue, Sen. Hassan broke with her party on only one bill during the four years she was in the majority - one.  For her to say she worked to bring both sides together and listened to opposing views is laughable and simply untrue.  Sen. Hassan heard just one viewpoint, that of the Democratic party.

"Sen. Hassan may claim the mantel of transparency and bipartisanship but when there was not sufficient revenue to pay for the dramatic increase in spending she supported in the 2009 budget, Sen. Hassan fought for passage of the job killing LLC small business income tax," said Majority Leader Jeb Bradley. "Not only was this tax anti-jobs, it was passed without even the courtesy of a public hearing.  Such intensely partisan tactics remind voters of Washington style politics which voters have an opportunity to reject by choosing Ovide Lamontagne."   

In June of 2009, the LLC small business income tax along with a number of other revenue enhancements were proposed on a Monday and passed in the dead of night three days later without a public hearing.  Commenting later on this lack of transparency, the President of Sen. Hassan's hometown Chamber of Commerce told her hometown paper, the Portsmouth Herald, “Our members have serious concerns regarding the manner in which this tax was implemented with no public comment, and furthermore, we have questions regarding the constitutionality of this tax."

Along with the LLC small business income tax, the late night tax increases included in Sen. Hassan’s 2009 budget also included the campground tax, which for the first time applied the Meals & Rooms tax to campgrounds - literally taxing the ground campers slept on.

"Sen. Hassan continues to run from her record as a tax, borrow, spend, and regulate liberal," said Lamontagne spokesman Tom Cronin.  "While her campaign may be telling her to sound a note of bipartisanship, her record is one of lockstep agreement with the Democratic Party.  New Hampshire needs leaders who truly can work across party lines, Sen. Hassan is not that leader, and the people of her district recognized that and fired her in 2010." 


Hassan comments at the New Hampshire Energy Summit:

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