Maggie Hassan Endorsed by NH Troopers’ Association

Hassan the Troopers  Choice for Improving Public Safety

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Troopers' Association Endorsed Maggie Hassan for governor today, calling her the only choice for governor when it comes to improving the safety of New Hampshire’s communities.

“Maggie Hassan has the trust of law enforcement because she has a record of standing up for public safety and supporting policies that help us protect New Hampshire’s communities,” said Seth Cooper, President of the New Hampshire Troopers’ Association.  “Maggie is our choice for improving public safety and the New Hampshire Troopers’ Association is proud to endorse her for governor.”

Hassan has also been endorsed by the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association, the Concord Police Patrolmen’s Association, and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire. As a leader in the State Senate, Hassan worked with public safety officials on critical priorities, including creating a death benefit for first responders killed in the line of duty, directing the Department of Safety to develop a reverse 911 system so that first responders can reach citizens in an emergency, strengthening domestic violence laws, and working with Governor John Lynch to pass one of the toughest laws in the nation to protect children from sexual predators.

“There is no more important job for a governor than ensuring the safety of New Hampshire residents, and it is an honor to receive the endorsement of the New Hampshire Troopers’ Association,” said Hassan. “As governor, I will build on the foundation set by Governor Lynch, working closely with law enforcement to improve public safety and keep New Hampshire moving forward.”

In contrast, Ovide Lamontagne has been a vocal supporter of the current legislature and its policies, which are making it harder for law enforcement to keep New Hampshire safe, including passing an “Open Fire” law that allows people to open fire on public streets, even when there are safer options and decimating funding for the Children in Need of Services program that allows parents and law enforcement to intervene and help a child before they begin engaging in criminal activities. They have also proposed eliminating all gun licensing, and even allowing guns in college dorm rooms.