NHDP - NH GOP: Hiding Secrets, Or Just Fiscal Incompetence?

State GOP Committee has failed to file campaign finance reports in September and October


CONCORD - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee has failed to file the required campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State's office for the months of September and October and New Hampshire voters deserve to know why this information is being withheld.


"Are Republicans trying to hide information from voters, or are they failing to get their own fiscal house in order, like they have failed New Hampshire's middle class for the last two years?" said Raymond Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


According to the Secretary of State's website, the State Republican committee has not filed their last three required campaign finance reports for September 5th, September 19th and October 17th.  Calls to the Secretary's office confirmed that they, in fact, have not received the reports from the NHGOP.


"Like their party standard bearer, Mitt Romney, the New Hampshire Republican Party seems to believe that they can play by a different set of rules than everyone else," said Buckley.  "How can voters believe that the Republicans will be stewards of New Hampshire's economy when the state party won't even comply with the most basic requirements?"


This is just the latest problem with transparency from Republicans in Concord. Speaker Bill O'Brien ignored key provisions of the New Hampshire Constitution to lock the public out of the State House Gallery. Senate Candidate John Reagan ended a public hearing because he was tired of hearing from the public. And O'Brien has refused to even to send press releases to one major newspaper.


"Republicans in Concord are acting like the laws don't apply to them," Buckley said.