RGA - Maggie Hassan's Secret

The Republican Governors Association launched a new television ad today highlighting Maggie Hassan’s tax-and-spend plans for New Hampshire.

Watch the ad by visiting www.HassanTaxHikes.com

“Maggie Hassan has a secret. After raising taxes and fees by $300 million the last time she held office, she now wants to increase government spending by hundreds of millions of dollars more if elected governor,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “But Maggie Hassan refuses to come clean about how she plans to pay for all her spending, admitting only that she wants to have a ‘discussion’ about tax hikes.”

“Unfortunately, New Hampshire taxpayers already know that any discussion about taxes with Maggie Hassan promises to be among the most expensive in state history,” Schrimpf said. “The truth is Maggie Hassan’s raised taxes before, and she’s willing to do it again. It’s up to New Hampshire voters to stop her.”