Political Headlines - October 25, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Family long a bedrock for Elizabeth Warren: As the Senate candidate pursued her increas­ingly ambitious career, she was steadied by the support of family and the grace of second chances. Globe politics reporter Stephanie Ebbert writes.


  • President Obama, Mitt Romney wooing early voters: Trying to match vaunted Democratic field operations in tossup states, the GOP is mining troves of data to identify possible supporters and then help them vote early. Globe politics reporter Bobby Caina Calvan explains.


  • Star power on display in Mass. Senate race: Senator Brown and Elizabeth Warren are getting support on the campaign trail from N.J. Governor Chris Christie and James Taylor, along with other big-name supporters. Globe politics reporter Michael Levenson covers.


  • Navy's numbers far from the whole story: The size of the fleet, traditionally a topic for naval buffs and military historians, is now a flashpoint in the presidential campaign. Globe defense reporter Bryan Bender details.