Macia For Congress (NH CD-2) - Macia likes chances of beating cancer better than being invited to debate

Oct 24, 2012 - Canterbury, NH: Hardy Macia, Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 2, released an ad about his exclusion from the upcoming Granite State Debates that claiming his chances are better to beat his cancer than to the upcoming debates.

Eight weeks ago Macia was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He created this latest ad during his bi-weekly chemo session on Tuesday morning at Lakes Region General Hospital.

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The sound on the ad is a little soft because Macia said he didn't want to bother the other patients with numerous loud retakes.

Transcript of ad:

Hi, I'm Hardy Macia. I'm the Libertarian candidate for Congress

8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer.

My chances are better at defeating the cancer than it is to be included in the upcoming Granite State Debates.

This isn't fair for New Hampshire voters. You should be able to hear from all three candidates for Congress.

Visit my website

and vote Hardy Macia November 6th

I'm Hardy Macia and I approve this message.

End Transcript

Charlie Bass is the Republican candidates, Ann Kuster is the Democratic candidate, and Hardy Macia is the Libertarian candidate. 32% of NH are registere Republicans, 28% are registered Democrats, and 40% are undeclared (you can't register as a Libertarian). The most recent polls done by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center ( shows a sharp uptick of 22 points from 21% to 33% in the number of undecided votes since Macia officially qualified for the ballot in September.

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