Romney Campaign Launches New Hampshire Catholics for Romney

Boston, MA – Today, the Romney campaign launched New Hampshire Catholics for Romney. The coalition of over 216 individuals is made up of men and women in all ten New Hampshire counties and 56 towns who will serve as the primary point of contact for Catholics in their communities who are interested in helping get-out-the-vote for Governor Romney on November 6th.

"For centuries, Roman Catholics have been instrumental in American health care, charity, and education,” said former New Hampshire State Representative Maureen Mooney of Merrimack. During the past four years of the Obama Administration, the rights of Catholics in these areas have been infringed upon by the federal government. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are steadfast in repealing burdensome Obamacare, protecting freedom of religion, and recognizing the value of every life."

The following are members of New Hampshire Catholics for Romney:

Statewide Co-Chairs

Tom Colantuono; Manchester

Maureen Mooney; Merrimack




Omer Ahern, Jr.; Plymouth

Bob Allard; Portsmouth

Margaret Allard; Portsmouth

Terry Avard; Manchester

Helen Beauregard; Rochester

Michael Biundo; Manchester

Robin Biundo; Manchester

Don Bisson; Berlin

Laurie Boyce; Concord

Karen Brand; Hampton

Dorothy Brett; Candia

Beverly Bruce; Center Tuftonboro

Chris Buda; Merrimack

Moss Burke; Hampton

Tracy Burke; Hampton

Glenn Camley; Boscawen

Al Cernota; Nashua

Andrew Cernota; Nashua

Roberta Cernota; Nashua

Ray Chadwick; Bedford
Joanne Charron; Nashua

Paul Charron; Nashua

Cathy Clair; Nashua

Jay Clair; Nashua

Mary Ann Cooper; Dover

Karen Cote; Deerfield

Rosa Cusson; Manchester

Juanita Dangel; Merrimack

Mike Dangel; Merrimack

Leonard Deneault; Nashua

Tom DeRosa; Manchester

Suzy Diiulio, Manchester

Fr. Richard Dion; Manchester

Ron Distasio; Nashua

Curran Donnelly; Weare

Judy Donnelly; Weare

Thomas Donnelly; Weare

Christine Duffley; Manchester

Steve Duffley; Manchester

Marjorie Enos; Bartlett

Thomas Enos; Bartlett

Devin Farrelly; Rye

Tom Farrelly; Rye

Liz Feren; Manchester

Sean Feren; Manchester

Bill Field, Pembroke

Bob Foley; Deerfield

Margaret Foley; Deerfield

Desmond Ford; Hancock

Janice Ford; Hancock

Maria Forger; Merrimack

Joan Fulton; Litchfield

Elizabeth Furey; Nashua

James Furey; Nashua

Judy Gallauresi; Swanzey

William Gallauresi; Swanzey

Chip Gardner; Manchester

Colleen Gargiulo; Hampton Falls

Eddie Gargiulo; Hampton Falls

Lou Gargiulo; Hampton Falls

Mary Ann Gargiulo; Hampton Falls

Elizabeth Gautieri; Nashua

Debbie Georgevitz; Concord

Ken Georgevitz; Concord

Richard Girard; Manchester

Jennifer Girard; Manchester

Guy Giunta; Sanbornton

Joe Giunta; Sanbornton

Maryska Giunta; Franklin

Pierina Giunta; Sanbornton

Tony Giunta; Franklin

Marge Gosselin; Manchester

Janet Heitmiller; Nashua

Richard Heitmiller; Nashua

Linda Henderson; Rye

Greg Hendricks; Salem

Dan Hogan; Nashua

Dee Hogan; Nashua

Carol Holden; Amherst

Don Holden; Amherst

Jennifer Horn; Nashua

William Horn; Nashua

Thomas Horn; Nashua

James Horn; Nashua

Mandy Huot; Manchester

Christina Hurni; Atkinson

Pay Hynes; Laconia

James Janiak; Nashua

Nancy Janiak; Nashua

Margaret Jarosz; Hampton

Phil Jarosz; Hampton

Robert Jursik; Penacook

L. Mike Kappler; Raymond

Terry Kappler; Raymond

Anne Kelleher; Derry

John Kelleher; Derry

Bill Kenney; Hampton Falls

Dick Kiernan; Bedford

Rich Killion; Concord

Ellen Kolb; Merrimack

Jean Laflamme; Manchester

Lucille Laflamme; Manchester

David Lague; Concord

Wendy Lague; Concord

Bettie Lamontagne; Manchester

Erin Lamontagne; Manchester

Ovide Lamontagne; Manchester

Gary Laviolette; Jaffrey

Elaine Lavoie; Salem

Nancy Libby; Somersworth

Donna Liberge; Goffstown

Lou Liberge; Goffstown

Gordon MacDonald; Deering

Barbara Mack; Candia

Donald Mack; Candia

Charles H. Magarian; Manchester

Sean Mahoney; Portsmouth

Kirsten Mahoney; Portsmouth

David Marden; Nashua

Nancy Marden; Nashua

Louis Mayfield; Hillsboro

Carrie McGee; Concord

Christine McGilroy; Bedford

Shannon McGinley; Bedford

Constance McGraw; Manchester

Kevin McMahon; Bedford

Mary McMahon; Bedford

Kara McMahon; Bedford

John McMahon; Bedford

Eleanor McMahon; Bedford

Jayne Millerick; Bow

Steve Monier; Goffstown

Fr. Marc Montminy; Exeter

Jackie Morganti; Rochester

Joseph Morganti; Rochester

Brian Morin; Chichester

Elizabeth Morin; Chichester

Katie Newman; Concord

Jeanine Notter; Merrimack

William O’Brien; Mont Vernon
Jack O’Connell; Milford

Bruce Olson; East Kingston

Ellyn Olson; East Kingston

Jack O’Neil; Nashua

Nick Pappas; Manchester

Judith Park; Hampton

Diane Peloquin; Merrimack

Michele Perry; Manchester

Paul Perry; Manchester

Jo Plant; Merrimack

Fred Plett; Goffstown

Linda Poirier; Derry

Jim Poirier; Derry

Jeanette Popovsky; Merrimack

Hugo Poza; Manchester

Karen Poza; Manchester

Jim Preisendorfer; Concord

Pat Preisendorfer; Concord

Monique Prince; Chester

Kelly Richardson-Deny; Derry

Marilyn Robinson; Seabrook

Melvin Robinson; Seabrook

Jim Rock; Henniker

Margaret Roy; Merrimack

David Rutzke; Merrimack

Carolyn Scanlon; Newfields

Ed Scanlon; Newfields

Ronnie Schlender; Manchester

Carl Seidel; Nashua

Lorraine Seidel; Nashua

Richard Silvernail; New Boston

Joan Silvernail; New Boston

Eileen Smiglowski; Concord

Arthur Smith; Nashua

Donna Smith; Nashua

Kevin Smith; Litchfield

Phil Smith; Manchester

Suzanne Smith; Litchfield

Elaine Sobozenski; Manchester

Judy Spaulding; Nashua

Mary Jane Spaulding; Nashua

Dan St. Hilaire; Concord

Rick St. Hilaire; Lebanon

Dr. Mark Stagnone; Litchfield

Mary Stipe; Merrimack

Scott Stipe; Merrimack

Wayne Sweet; Charlestown

Sioban Tautkus; Manchester

Linda Teagan; North Conway

Paul Thoman; Nashua

Karen Thoman; Nashua

Maria Turner; Dunbarton

Renee Turner; Dunbarton

Jordan Ulery; Hudson

Bill Van Anglen; Bedford

Kathy Van Anglen; Bedford

Anna Varsalone; Deerfield

Neva Varsalone; Hooksett

Rob Varsalone; Hooksett

Robert Varsalone; Pembroke

David Vicinanzo; Concord

Tom Vicinanzo; Concord

Dan Vicinanzo; Concord

Nick Vicinanzo; Concord

Matt Vicinanzo; Concord

Kevin J Wareing; Dunbarton

Donna Waterman; Concord

Fran Wendelboe; New Hampton

Vivian White; Hooksett

Hon. Ray Wieczorek; Manchester

Linda Wolpert-Smith; Wilmot

Phyllis Woods; Dover

Paul Young; Exeter