Your Vote Counts on November 6! 

This election WILL determine...the kind of America and the kind of state we will inhabit.  Will we be government dependent inhabitants or will we be free citizens able to enjoy the liberties envisioned by the Founding Fathers?  It is up to you!

One person does make a difference.  One vote in NH defeated an income tax in 1948.  One vote in 1784 prevented slavery from being abolished nationally by the Continental Congress. One vote in the Senate passed the "Laci and Conner's Law" aka the Unborn Victims of Violence Law.  One vote in the Senate prevented a law to ban desecration of our flag.  One vote in the Senate prevented the repeal of the Death Tax.

Your vote is important.  One person does and can make a difference. 


You can also help your favorite candidate. 

If you can make phone calls, write a letter in support of a candidate or ballot questions, stand at the polls or do sign waves, your candidates need your help!


Call your candidate to offer your help.



Be Visible - be Vocal!  Become a Smart Girl!




Susan Olsen & Karen Testerman


Thank You, Repesentative Mirski!
NH State Representative, Paul Mirski, addressed our October Smart Girl meeting.  He delivered a wealth of knowledge, educating us about the history, intent and remedies embodied in the Constitutional Questions on the November 6 ballot. 

Questions 1& 2 if adopted by a two/thirds majority of votes would amend the State Constitution.  A "yes" vote on 1 would prevent a state income tax.  A "yes" vote on 2 would restore the people's oversight to the courts through their elected representatives in the House and Senate.

The final Question asks if there should be a Constitutional Convention and requires a simple majority to pass.

Read more details here.

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