FK Blogger Arrested for Recording Video in Palmer, MA Town Hall

Palmer, MA Town Hall, Yesterday Morning:  Police in the Town of Palmer ignored the historic Glik decision that affirms the right to record government employees in the performance of their duties, and went ahead and arrested a cameraman, me, for recording video in their town hall.

FK blogger Darryl Perry described the scene. A longer video is coming, but for now, here's the video of us entering the town of Palmer offices, the arrest, to when the cops turn the camera off.  

Despite the auction company's announcement that clearly states, "This will be a very open, public, and professional process", other attendees including a reporter from were denyed entry to the auction - unless they had a $5,000 cashier's check.  

As background to this incident, we visited the Palmer town offices and sat in on a tax sale in 2011 and were unmolested by the same town bureaucrats. See the 2011 video here.