Guinta Rally

Team Guinta,

If you haven't heard, Monday is Frank's big debate against Carol Shea-Porter - and we need your help!

We will be having a rally before Frank debates Carol Shea-Porter at St. Anselm College. After the rally, Team Guinta will be holding a debate watch party at Drynk Restaurant, which is located at 20 Old Granite Street, Manchester.

Although the debate and rally will be at St. Anselm College, parking is very limited. So, we ask that you meet at Drynk Restaurant (20 Old Granite Street) for parking purposes beginning at 3pm. We will then shuttle you to St. Anselm College for the rally and back to Drynk Restaurant to watch Frank debate Carol Shea-Porter live on WMUR from 7pm-8pm.

Food will be provided at the debate watch party.

**It is ok if you can’t make it at 3pm. We still need you to come. The shuttles will be continuing through the afternoon and into the evening to bring supporters to St. Anselm College, so if you can’t get there until later, that’s is okay, too.**

Please RSVP to or call 603-836-5620.

Once you've RSVP'ed, you will be given a pass to get into the Team Guinta debate rally/watch party afterwards.

We REALLY need your help on Monday and hope you can make it! 


Danielle Gonzales
Guinta for Congress