NHDP Launches New Site: Ovide's Office

If Ovide Lamontagne thinks that equal pay laws are "micromanaging" the workplace, what would his ideal office look like?


CONCORD - The New Hampshire Democratic Party today released a new website highlighting Ovide Lamontagne's radical comments that he believes equal pay laws are simply "micromanaging" in the workplace. 


"If Ovide Lamotnagne thinks that laws ensuring equal pay for women in the workplace is "micromanaging, what other 21st century workplace safety and fairness provisions does he also believe constitute micromanaging?" said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


On Monday, it was reported that Lamontagne voiced opposition to laws requiring equal pay in the workplace for men and women, saying "I don't know that it's appropriate for the government to continue to micromanage the workplace." Ovide then went on to say he was not aware of a New Hampshire law that requires pay equity between men and women. [ThinkProgress.org, 10/22/12]


See the website HERE.