CEI Weekly: PBS Documents Changing Climate Change Debate

Friday, October 26, 2012



Feature: Myron Ebell featured in new PBS Frontline.

FEATURE: PBS Documents Changing Climate Change Debate


This week, PBS Frontline aired "Climate of Doubt," a close look at the effect climate change skeptics have had on public opinion. CEI's Myron Ebell was featured in the documentary as one of the primary voices in the debate on the urgency of global warming . Watch "Climate of Doubt" here. Listen to Myron's response to the program in the podcast to the right.




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October 25, 2012: The Changing Climate Change Debate


Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell discusses his recent PBS Frontline appearance, and how the debate over global warming has shifted in the last few years. The issue has all but fallen off the radar as economic difficulties have supplanted environmental concerns in the public mind.