Gov Johnson For President - The TV ads that will make history




11 days to make history!



Since Monday, Governor Johnson has held events and made appearances in Los Angeles, Chicago, South Bend, Indianapolis and Las Vegas.  He has done dozens of media interviews, and shaken hundreds, if not thousands, of hands.



It is show time for a Liberty movement that is packing rallies on campuses across the country, finally getting the attention of the mainstream media, and prompting spontaneous sign waves on street corners in every state.  And Governor Johnson will not stop until the last votes have been cast 11 days from now!



And while Governor Johnson and our thousands of grass roots supporters are mounting the final push to Election Day, your contributions have allowed us to put powerful 30 second TV spots on the air in key markets across the country.  If you haven’t seen them, go to and take a look.  The ads began running last evening, and with your help, will continue right through election day.  You can make sure they keep running by going to today and making a contribution that will go directly to putting more spots on the air.



Those TV spots, along with our wonderful grassroots teams, are the key in these final days of the campaign, and here’s why: While we obviously cannot compete with the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by Romney and Obama and their special interest friends, the media buys we are making are what will push Liberty to at least 5% of the vote total on Election Day



You understand as well as we do that tens of millions of Americans are much more aligned with Governor Johnson’s philosophy, positions on issues, and belief in small government than they are with the big-government Romney and Obama.  The challenge in these last 11 days is to remind those voters that Governor Johnson is the alternative they are looking for.  Our TV ads will be that reminder – if we can buy enough advertising time.   Whether we can do so is, frankly, up to you.  Your contribution at will make the difference.



Why is it critical that Governor Johnson and his message of Liberty achieve at least 5% of the vote?  The answer is simple.  That is the percentage that secures our status as a major third party in elections to come.  5% literally changes the landscape of American politics, and dislodges the stranglehold the Democrats and Republicans have on both the political process and the worn-out policies of big government and endless war that process has given us.



Polls all across the country show Governor Johnson to be REALLY close to that 5% mark.  Our advertising will make the difference – if we have the funding to not only keep our ads on the air, but increase them to reach more markets and more voters.



There is no time to lose.  We are writing checks every day for more advertising, and how much we can buy depends entirely upon how much our great supporters – such as you – can contribute.  PLEASE go to today and keep Governor Johnson’s message in front of the voters.    We know that, when they hear his message, they respond.  It is all a matter of how many voters we can reach.



The signs are up, the bumper stickers are out, the phone calls are being made, and Governor Johnson is personally reaching as many voters as is humanly possible.  The “wild card” is the TV advertising, and that is in your hands.



As we enter the final week of the campaign, please help make sure our momentum keeps building.  Talk to your friends and neighbors, wave a sign on a street corner, and yes, go to and make a contribution that will go immediately to put more ads on the air.



Governor Johnson reminded me today how grateful he is for the amazing support and friendship of thousands of individuals like you.  And he reminded me how far we have come in putting personal freedom, small government and nonintervention on the nation’s agenda. 



We have a lot of work to do in the next 11 days to finish the job – and we can’t let up now.



Thank you!

Ron Nielson

Senior Advisor/ Campaign Manager

Governor Gary Johnson  



P.S.  The response so far to our TV ads is fantastic.  Even the news media is taking notice.  Go to and help us reach even more voters.