Josiah Bartlett Center - 'Balanced' Budgets explained, Foreclosures, and the Electoral College

Starting in 2008, the governor and Legislature adopted a series of unusual practices that obscured spending decisions. As a result, the two gubernatorial candidates this year fight over what the facts really are... Click here to keep reading.


Crash Course at the Electoral College

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott look behind the numbers in the last ten days of the 2012 Presidential Election, including which swing states are in play, how early voting could impact the race, whether the “Incumbent Rule” actually exists, and what happens in the case of an Electoral College tie... Click here to Listen


Was the Budget Really Balanced?

Charlie Arlinghaus and Jack Heath discuss a key disagreement in the 2012 NH Governor’s Race, the 2009 budget that Maggie Hassan says was balanced, and Ovide Lamontagne says led to an $800 million deficit. Click here to listen.


NH Foreclosures Tumble in September

Continues a Downward Trend since April

According to the foreclosure tracking firm Realtytrac, the number foreclosure filings in New Hampshire fell sharply to 423.  240 are headed for the auction block, while the balance were taken over by the lenders. With only 423 filings statewide, September saw the fewest monthly foreclosures in the 12 months, continuing the general downward trend that began in April. Click here to keep reading.