Macia publicly requests that Kuster and Bass support Open Debates in NH

October 26, 2012 - Canterbury, NH: Second congressional candidate Hardy Macia sends letter to Bass and Kuster campaigns requesting they support open debates in NH by publicly supporting Macia's inclusion in the October 30th Grante State Debates at St. Anselm College.

Macia sent the following letter by email to the Bass and Kuster campaigns and WMUR, St. Anselm, and The Union Leader:

Dear Rep. Bass and Ms Kuster.

I'm reaching out to both of you to ask for your support for fair and open debates in New Hampshire, and ask you to publicly support my inclusion into the final Granite State Debate taking place at St. Anselm on October 30.

New Hampshire voters only have three choices on the ballot on November 6 in the 2nd Congressional race - Bass, Kuster, Macia. Forty percent of New Hampshire voters are registered as undeclared voters, and in the most recent University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll 30% of voters still remain undecided about who to vote for in our race.

It is unfair to New Hampshire voters to shut out the third voice in this debate when so many are still undecided. We live in America, we encourage democracy all around the world, and we should encourage it here at home also by allowing all the candidates to debate.


Hardy Macia

Libertarian Candidate for 2nd Congressional District

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