Concord, NH- Carol Shea-Porter has been running a campaign of perpetual desperation from the start, and yesterday's antics just add more fuel to the fire. First, even though she has admitted she rubber stamped Speaker Nancy Pelosi's agenda and voted with the Democrats in Congress 100 percent of the time, she hid from the voters by waiting until August to add any of her positions to her website. She was afraid how voters would react to answers during an interview and asked it not be aired. Now, with election day just over a week away, her team is rising from the shadows and defacing property in broad daylight. Just yesterday, her team was caught stealing  Guinta for Congress signs and replacing them with her own signs.   

"Former Congresswoman Shea-Porter has proved that she can't run a campaign where she is truthful with the voters," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "If she displays these dirty tactics now, how can we trust her again in Washington? The first time she voted with the Democrats 100 percent of the time. Now she’s showing she will stop at nothing to get back down there, and she is dragging her supporters in to the fray stealing signs. Carol Shea-Porter is nervous and desperate to win. We hope that she can finish this campaign without  resorting to any more dirty tricks."


See pictures of signs being stolen here


Union Leader: Community access reporter sparring with Shea-Porter


“In an April 2007 interview with the Concord Monitor, Shea-Porter explained her views: ‘And so far I have voted, I think, 100 percent of the time with [Democratic leaders] because frankly I think they’re 100 percent right,’ she said.” (Alex Isenstadt, “Is Third Time The N.H. GOP’s Charm?”, Politico, 4/23/2009)