ALG's Daily Grind - Government spending's misleading impact on GDP

Oct. 29, 2012

Government spending's misleading impact on GDP

Because spending is included as a component of the Gross Domestic Product by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, if the budget had been balanced this year, the economy would have "contracted" anywhere from 4.2 percent to 12 percent.

Obama's Blunders: Who's The Real BSer?

Our President has used foul language to indirectly describe his opponent. It seems as if he was describing himself, however.

Obama's war on coal backfires

There is indeed a war on coal and it just so happens to impact those states where President Obama desperately needs more support: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

CNN Talks With Obama Camp And Says Obama's Math 'Still Doesn't Add Up'

$4 trillion in deficit reduction? CNN's Erin Burnett takes Team Obama to task for this whopper.