Political Headlines - October 3, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today:

  • Tasks, terrain clear for first presidential debate: President Obama and Mitt Romney's first debate is centered on domestic policy, which could allow Romney to hammer away at Obama's handling of the economy. Globe politics reporter Matt Viser explains.




  • Mitt Romney hasn't changed a bit: The ultimate shame of the former governor's presidential campaign is that he looks and sounds like the same man at the end as when he began. Globe columnist Brian McGrory reports.


  • Neither Brown nor Warren has disclosed legal work: Senator Brown and Elizabeth Warren have dribbled out the information in recent days in ways that make it difficult for the media and the public to vet. Globe politics reporter Noah Bierman covers.


  • Romney campaign pounces on Biden remark: Mitt Romney's campaign said Vice President Joe Biden's remark about "the middle class that's been buried the last four years," were an acknowledgment that President Obama's policies have failed. Globe correspondent Callum Borchers details.