Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter campaign responds

Shea-Porter’s campaign says “…the raises are common practice in Washington”

(Manchester – October 2, 2012) Yesterday, Frank Guinta held a press conference shedding light on the fact that former Congresswoman Shea-Porter doled out a massive staff stimulus after her loss in November of 2010 with taxpayer money. You can watch the video here. The link here details the 49% pay raise Shea-Porter gave her Deputy Chief of Staff in early November 2010 and a 29% pay raise she gave her Chief of Staff and current Campaign Manager in early November of 2010 all after she lost her re-election.

It also includes the incredible payouts for each of these staff members during the final two days of January 1st and 2nd while Congress was no longer in session. Her Chief of Staff received $13,641 for these two days (while not working) and her Deputy Chief of Staff received $11,555.55 for the same two days (while not working). This would be equivalent to a $2.5 million dollar salary and a $2 million dollar salary, respectively. You can view the sign she posted on her closed Manchester office door before she completed her term here.

In response to the staff stimulus, Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign said “…the raises are common practice in Washington.”

This is exactly what’s wrong with Washington politicians like Carol Shea-Porter. In contrast, Frank Guinta is working to fix a broken Washington. He has voted twice to cut his congressional office’s budget by a total of 11.4% and still returned $75,000 to the treasury. It is decisions like this that has resulted in one paper saying “Frank Guinta is one of the thriftiest Members of Congress.”

Guinta spokesman Derek Dufresne released the following statement:

“Granite Staters are tired of ‘common practice’ in Washington. Whether it is wasteful stimulus spending that never created the jobs it promised, her extreme partisan rhetoric, or these massive staff payouts with taxpayer dollars, former Congresswoman Shea-Porter is part of the problem.

“The difference couldn’t be greater. Carol Shea-Porter believes doling out tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to staffers who aren’t even working is acceptable. In contrast, Frank Guinta cut his office’s budget by 11.4% and still returned $75,000 to the federal treasury.”