Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Taxes of the Day: #21 & 22

Manchester, NH - Yesterday, "Maggie's Taxes of the Day" focused on Sen. Hassan’s vote to make registering a vehicle, no matter the size, more expensive.  Today, her increases in the fees for license plates are “Maggie’s Taxes of the Day” for October 3, 2012.

Prior to 2008, the charge for a "walking disability license plate" was $1.50.  By the end of the year, with Senator Hassan's support, that fee had jumped 167% and disabled New Hampshire citizens, including men and women with disabilities related to their service in the armed forces, were for the first time required to pay the full plate fee. 

Own a moped?  Prior to 2008, the license plate required for scooters was free.  But we’ve learned there is no such thing as a free ride under Sen. Hassan’s leadership, and now thanks to her vote moped owners pay the same plate fee as a full-sized vehicle.

Background: As a State Senator:

Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED increasing license plate fee for disability and moped plates (OTP on HB1596, 5/8/08).