NHDP - Won't You Join Us?

On November 6, we have a chance to make history in New Hampshire by re-electing President Obama, sending Maggie Hassan to the Governor's Office, electing Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster to Congress, and reclaiming our majorities in the State House, State Senate, and Executive Council.  But we need your help. 



Our annual Jefferson Jackson Celebration will be held on Friday, October 26.  Karl Rove and his allies can drop millions of dollars into New Hampshire over the coming five weeks to mislead voters about the failed Republican policies of Mitt Romney, Ovide Lamontagne, and Bill O'Brien.  We must be prepared to fight back and win on November 6.  Will you join us on October 26 at the Jefferson Jackson Celebration and help us make history on Election Day? 



Thousands of volunteers across New Hampshire are preparing to launch the biggest Get Out the Vote operation we've seen - knocking on doors, making phone calls, holding signs at the polls, and talking to our friends and neighbors.   Your support at the 2012 Jefferson Jackson Celebration will help their efforts as we work to make history in New Hampshire.




Thank you for your support,