Lamontagne For Governor - Will the Real Maggie Hassan Please Stands Up?

Flip-flops at Conway debate on her support of an income tax, LLC tax, campground tax and car registration surcharge
Manchester, NH – A politician shifting her position on an issue to please a particular audience is nothing new.  One totally flip-flopping on past support of a number of specific taxes does raise some questions, and that is exactly what Maggie Hassan did at today's Mount Washington Valley Economic Council debate when she claimed she would veto an income tax, an LLC tax, a campgrounds tax and a car registration surcharge, all taxes she has supported in the past. 
When asked by the debate moderator George Epstein, “Would you veto those if your legislature brought you those bills?” in reference to an income tax, a LLC tax, a campground tax and a registration surcharge, Sen. Hassan responded, “All of the things you have listed are things that I would veto.”
Of course, in 2002, Sen. Hassan said she would support the right kind of income tax.  In 2009, to help fund a massive increase in total government spending, Sen. Hassan supported the creation of the campground tax (applying the Rooms and Meals tax to campgrounds), the creation of the motor vehicle registration surcharge (nearly doubling the cost of registering a vehicle for most drivers), and voted create the small business LLC income tax, without a public hearing.
“I think its important for the people of New Hampshire to have confidence that when their governor says something on the campaign trail its what they’re going to do as the governor,” said Ovide Lamontagne is his follow-up response.  “Every one of the taxes that George asked Maggie about, she supported during her political career.  She supported an income tax in 2002.  She passed the LLC tax that she says she’ll veto now.  She passed the campground tax in New Hampshire and was the architect of expanded car registration fees.  For her to take a different position today raises questions.”
“Maggie Hassan just isn’t being straight with the voters of New Hampshire,” said Lamontagne spokesman Tom Cronin.  “When she had a chance to vote on these measures in the legislature, she voted yes.  For her to flip-flop and tell voters she would veto these taxes as governor raises serious questions about Sen. Hassan’s trustworthiness on this central issue, and should encourage a healthy skepticism of her pledge against a broad based tax.  Sen. Hassan is a tax, borrow, spend, and regulate liberal who will need to find ways to finance the big government programs she is proposing.  She has raised taxes on the voters of New Hampshire before and she will do it again.”