Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Taxes of the Day: #60 & 61

Manchester, NH – As a State Senator, Maggie Hassan not only supported taxing Granite Staters from cradle to grave – she sponsored it.  Sen. Hassan's support for increasing the fees for marriage licenses and birth certificates are "Maggie's Taxes of the Day" for October 31, 2012
In the 2010 special session of the NH legislature, Hassan threw her weight behind measures to make life’s biggest moments more expensive.  Hassan sponsored a bill that raised the fees for NH citizens trying to obtain a marriage license (#60) as well as copies of vital records, including birth certificates (#61).  
Reports cite the marriage fee increase as costing Granite State taxpayers about $15,000 a year while the vital records fee increase was designed to raise approximately $400,000 annually.  These fee increases supported by Sen. Hassan were just two of the tax increases necessary to close a nearly $300 million deficit left by Sen. Hassan's 2009 budget, one also chock full of tax and fee increases, so her repeated attempts to dip her hand into the cookie jar hardly come as a surprise.
Background: As a State Senator:
Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED increasing marriage license and vital records fees (Yea on SSHB1, 6/9/2010).